Saturday, November 02, 2002

It takes DFAF only 48 hours to abandon Open Forums

In what some analysts believe may well be the shortest lived Open discussion forum ever on the World Wide Web, Straight, Inc. (which now calls itself Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. ) [Straight's former national clinical director, Reverend Doctor2 Miller Newton, now calls himself Father Cassius; Straight's founder Ambassador Melvin Sembler, AO still calls himself Mel Sembler] attempted to establish an internet forum recently. But almost immediately they were pounced upon by hostile former students from the$traights who made postings about their stay at the$traights. Actually there were three Open forums done up in patriotic red, white and blue the same way Straight adorned their warehouses with a red, white and blue American flag. There was an Open teen forum for school kids. The religious page featured a Wall link for people to post memories about loved ones who are casualties of War on Drugs. But posters submitted reports about former clients from the$traights who have committed suicide. And there was a Gazebo link for other discussions. As far as can be ascertained by us, DFAF opened the board sometime on Thursday October 31, 2002. By Friday former clients had begun posting and someone informed us at the Institute of the developing situation at 2330 hours Friday night. We made an unpublished prediction here that the forums would be closed by noon the next day--Saturday. At some point on Saturday November 2, the School board and the Wall board both posted this alert: "The site administrators have made this forum inaccessible." The Gazebo forum claims to be still operating, apparently for registered users only. Can dissenters still post? Have posts been removed? Someone should look into this with the Guinness Book of World Records--the shortest lived Open forum.

[Oh, one more thing. When you cruise the DFAF site, notice they have cute little icons for a church, a bank, etc. When you hover on the bank there is a green background perhaps signifying cash. When you hover on the hospital you see red, perhaps symbolizing blood. But when you click on the school the background A Clockwork Orange. Straight was a thought reform school. A coincidence? A Freudian slip?]

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