Friday, December 12, 2003

Margolis says Straight tried to stop the abuse by W. Fager

On March 24, 1990 Los Angeles Times Reporter John Hurst published a large, front page feature article on the horrors of the new Straight, Inc. He interviewed Joy Margolis, Straight's national spokesperson for that article, and learned from her that the new Straight, Inc. did not tolerate abuse. That the new Straight. Inc. got rid of abusers whenever abuse was brought to their attention. Joy was asked about the allegations of Erica Clifton that while in Straight - Dallas she was held down and the boys painfully pulled her legs apart. She recalled one time when she was resisting and they "put a . . . Kotex pad down my throat to where I was gagging." When The Times asked Joy about the alleged incident she responded, "We regret things that have happened in the past. When it has been called to our attention, we have taken proper action." "We don't condone gagging," Joy told The Times. "One staff member I know of who was guilty of this was fired. "The Times wrote about Gena Golden age 16 who said of her Straight - Dallas stay that her nose was badly broken while she was being restrained and that "clients were sometimes held down and kicked." According to The Times, "Margolis acknowledged that Golden's nose was broken while the girl was being held. She said it was an isolated incident. She also said that Straight does not condone kicking clients." The Times pressed about a Texas state health report charging that "clients were tied with rope and with an automobile towing strap to prevent escape, that clients were physically restrained for minor infractions such as 'failure to sit up properly', and that bedrooms were overcrowded and furnished with 'containers to be used for urination.' " Once again Joy Margolis put everyone at ease explaining (according to The Times piece), "a staff trainee used a rope to tie up a client and was fired, as was an employee who instigated the practice of putting the containers for urine in bedrooms."

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