Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mel Riddile, former National Executive Director for Straight, Inc., named 2005 Outstanding Principal in Virginia

The award was announced in the Falls Church News Press. Riddile's background is given in the article but there is no mention of Straight. It is stated, however, that Principal Mel Riddile is a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Mental Health Association of Northern Virginia. This is ironic because in 1984 a federal jury in northern Virginia awarded Fred Collins $220,000 because he had been held prisoner in the Straight camp in northern Virginia that was directed by Mel Riddile. Reports have it that young Collins had looked like a starved victim of the Holocaust when he finally escaped from Straight. Riddile went on to become the national executive director for Straight. Fred Collins returned to his studies and became a Ph.D. in mathematics. And the Virginia Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse yanked Straight's license after 9 stormy years of allegations of criminal child abuse. Dr. Riddile will receive his award in June in Williamsburg, Va. We have already received emails from those who would like to protest the award's ceremony. See Fornits for a discussion. story Fred Collins' abuse fornits discussion

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