Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The O'Reilly Factor vs. Calvina Fay

Last month Fox News Bill O'Reilly interviewed Calvina Fay of the Drug Free Foundation. The topic: medical marijuana and how easy it is to get it in states that allow for this substance. Both O'Reilly and Fay were concerned over how easy it is to obtain. And then O'Reilly mentioned Montel Williams and his plight with MS. O'Reilly said that if the cigarette helped Montel live with the pain he didn't Americacare how much he smoked. Here Calvina took an opposing view. It was obvious that Bill O'Reilly did not know that his own FOX News wrote a blistering report a couple of years ago about Straight or that Straight is now called Drug Free America Foundation--the group that his guest Calvina Fay is with. It was obvious that O'Reilly did not know that in January Montel aired a story on the horrors of Straight. Straight should have been prosecuted for insurance fraud, deceptive business practices, criminal child abuse. Instead it just changed its name and mission. Mel and Betty Sembler are now self-proclaimed drug policy experts and people like the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the US Supreme Court and Bill O'Reilly seek out their opinions on how this country should wage a war on drugs. Somebody needs to contact Bill and Montel, give them the background on DFAF and get them to hold another conference with Calvina, Mel and Betty, only this time include people like Arnold Trebach, Kevin Zeese and myself. The issue when it comes to DFAF and drug policy is not what is best for the nation. The issue is why should any reasonable person listen to anything Mel and Betty have to say--about anything. Related article: Mel and Betty on national drug policy

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