Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Straight's former national executive director represses right to free speech

A while back we reported on President Bush's visit to a Fairfax County, Virginia High School last January. Out of 24 high schools in that country we were not surprised that the Pres selected J.E.B. Stuart High because the principal at Stuart is Dr. Mel Riddile. Dr. Riddile is the former national director for Straight, Inc. and the former director of the notorious Straight treatment camp in Springfield, Virginia. Thirteen former clients from Straight-Springfield went on to commit suicide or murder. (See What caused the 1980 epidemic of juvenile suicides in Fairfax County Virginia? and Abuses at Straight-Springfield. Note that most of the data in these reports occurred after Dr. Riddile's term at Straight-Springfield.) We got our information for our previous report from an article on J.E.B. Stuart's web page that implied, by omission, that the President was speaking to the students at that high school. The President opened his remarks saying, "I want to thank all the students here today." Now we have learned that only 75 of the school's 1400 students were allowed to attend the assembly. Most of the audience was made up of adult Republicans sycophants. One student who planned to protest the President's visit was expelled from school. His story made it to NPR. Whenever Nancy Reagan visited a Straight camp recalcitrant inmates were restrained in anterooms so the repression of free speech at J.E.B. Stuart does not surprise us. story

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