Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Felony exploitation of children?

Accordig to USA Today, May 27, 2005, a music store manager in Port Richey, Florida has been charged with felony exploitation of the elderly and was held on $10,000 bail at the Pasco County jail. According to the charge Scott Heyder, manager of a music store, sold a 79 year old woman 11 organs over an 18 month period, including four in one day. The organs keep getting more expensive and Mr. Heyer kept selling to her despite pleas from the woman's family to stop it. What states, including Florida, have a felony exploitation of minors law on the books and what are the statues of limitation? [Related docs: 1996 Florida legislature revises statues on elderly and child exploitation MSWord html ]

Massachusetts looks at making it illegal for adults to strike a child

The Commonwealth of Masschusetts is considering a bill to make it a crime to use corporal punishment on children (defined as anyone under 18 ). The proposal states: " “Corporal punishment”, the willful infliction of physical pain, including but not limited, to hitting, whipping, slapping, spanking, kicking, biting, striking with an object, pinching, punching, poking eyes, twisting limbs, boxing ears, shaking, “hot-saucing” (putting undiluted Tabasco sauce or soap in the mouth), administering electric shocks, or any other unreasonable use or degree of force. (b) It shall be unlawful in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for any adult to inflict corporal punishment upon a child." link