Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Seventh Steppers renounce their Straight graduation status in droves

12-10-05 Straight is a cult for many reasons including its use of destructive brainwashing methods and its use of deception. Another reason is because clients never really left. The few who never caught on and graduated quite often became staff at Straight. Whether they later worked for Straight or not, almost all graduates joined Straight's aftercare support group and fundraiser known as The Seventh Step Society.

Mel Sembler proudly displays an on-line picture album of his accomplishments on his company's web page. [See Mel's photos.] If you view his photo album, at bottom center is a photo of Mel receiving Nancy Reagan and Princess DI at the Straight camp in Springfield Virginia which later had its license revoked for abusing children. Beside that photo Mel writes:

Although best known as a leading shopping center developer, Sembler is also renowned for his activism in the anti-drug movement. In 1976, Sembler and his
wife Betty founded STRAIGHT, an adolescent drug treatment program. During its 17 years of existence, STRAIGHT successfully graduated more than 12,000 young
people nationwide from its remarkable program.
It is probably safe to assume that almost all of those graduates were Seventh Steppers. Unfortunately, among Sembler's 12,000 successful graduates were beautiful young people like Glen Steepleton and Christine Stottlemeyer who have committed suicide. Jeff Leugers was president of the Seventh Step Society in Ohio. He shot himself dead. Ray Bradbury is another of Sembler's successful graduates. In fact, Ray Bradbury was the national director for the Seventh Step Society! Today he has to take meds to get through the day. He is being sued by Mel and Betty for intentional infliction of emotional distress resulting, the Semblers allege, from Bradbury's attempt to sell Mel's penis pump on eBay.

Today, former Straight graduates are renouncing their graduate status from Straight in droves--and many have some choice words for Mel and Betty. Yet Mel Sembler says, next to his children, Straight is the greatest thing he and Betty ever did! Read now the comments by some of their successful graduates. LINK

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