Friday, September 29, 2006

Was a young Charlie Crist ever in a drug rehab?

The Seed was a teen drug rehabilitation chain in Florida in the 1970s. The US Senate accused the program of using North Korean brainwashing methods on American kids. Ambassador Melvin Sembler patterned Straight, Inc. after The Seed. Mel Sembler's son Brent and Charlie Crist are childhood friends. Today Brent Sembler is Charlie Crist's finance chairman. Mel Sembler has disclosed, by deduction, that Brent Sembler was in The Seed. One recruitment method used by The Seed was to get kids already in the program to rat on their friends and siblings to get them in the cult too. Charlie Crist's dad was on The Seed's Advisory Board. Since The Seed and Straight had reputations for abuse and cult-like behavior, most adults associated with these cults (other than program employees) were parents who had a child in the program--parents like Mel Sembler who founded his own Seed-like treatment cult. So we ask the question. If you have any information on whether Florida's gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist was in The Seed, please send your confidential correspondence to

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