Friday, October 13, 2006

Pathway trying to expand

Miller Newton's Kids of North Jersey was the first 2nd generation Straight to open expansion programs. Terri Nissley's Pathway Family Center is the second. Nissley founded Pathway a few miles from Straight-Detroit when that program closed and modeled Pathway after Straight. Later she opened a facility in Indianapolis. Now, just as in Straight, Pathway is claiming 20 -25 percent of the kids enrolled in its Indianapolis program are from Porter County so Pathway is seeking government money to open a center in Chesterton in Porter County, Indiana.

Just as in Straight there are horror stories that shame forever the reputation of children so that the program can grow. This time Julie Brown of Chesterton tells the world that one son was a "former Eagle Scout and a straight-A student", but then he turned to heroin and was sent to jail for selling drugs. Her family found salvation at Pathway but along the way she found another son was addicted to cold packets and he too is in Pathway. But now, she told a reporter, all three of her boys are doing well--implying to this reader that she was perhaps having problems with all three. Ms. Brown tells the reporter, "[Pathway] gave back my family."

Just like in Straight, Pathway has found a sympathertic Republican in Porter County Council member William Carmichael who has suggested using unallocated county income tax funds to build a Pathway faciltiy. And just like at Straight they've got a judge listening. Porter County Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper has stated that, "Pathway is a solid program." She has said she would support using $225,000 in unused funds for Pathway. Those unused funds had been set aside for housing expenses for juveniles ordered to the state correctional system. But county council president Dan Whitten, a Democrat, says he wants more information about Pathway.

Our report is based upon a story from The Chesterton Tribune by VICKI URBANIK. We urge our readers to contact the editor and Vicki Urbanik and tell them about the Straight model.


The Chesterton Tribune email:

Porter County Council
Web page
Indiana AvenueSuite 207
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Telephone: (219) 465-3332

Dan Whitten, President - At large

Jim Burge, Vice President - At large
William Carmichael - At large
Bob Poparad - 1st District
Rita Stevenson - 2nd District
Al Steele - 3rd District
Laura Blaney - 4th District

Circuit Court Judge Mary R. Harper
16 Lincolnway Suite 313
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Telephone: (219) 465-3535Fax: (219) 465-3647

Porter County Commissioners
155 Indiana Avenue Suite 205
Valparaiso, IN 46383
(219) 465-3440(219) 465-3362
North DistrictJohn A. Evans(219) 465-3361
Center DistrictRobert P. Harper(219) 465-3354
South DistrictCarole Knoblock(219) 465-3349

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