Monday, December 19, 2005

Why the St. Pete Times won't cover the protest of a museum's awards banquet

Straight was headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fl. Much of what we know of Straight's atrocities comes from the St. Petersburg Times. Bruce Epstein is a former writer for the Times who once recommended Straight in a Times' article as a resource to parents even though a Pinellas County jury had awarded a former Straight client $721,000 for being abused at Straight! Not only was Epstein a Straight board member, he was a founding board member of the Florida Holocaust Museum. When former Straight clients threatened to protest the museum, the museum responded by making Epstein its director. The St. Petersburg Times might not like the idea of a protest of a Holocaust museum any more than we do, but it is a newsworthy story. The protesters are not protesting the Holocaust, they are protesting one Holocaust museum for being in Mel Sembler's pockets and for hiding behind the museum's aprons. The Times needs to get out of Mel Sembler's pockets too and report on this upcoming protest. Read The ethics of naming rights for St. Pete Times Forum.

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