Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Betty Sembler elected to Florida Women's Hall of Shame, uh Fame

It is not unusual for politicians to bestow honorary awards upon cult founders. In 2000 Florida Governor Jeb Bush declared August 8 Betty Sembler Day in all of Florida for her work at Straight, Inc., one of the most destructive juvenile drug rehabilitation programs ever. Over 40 former clients have committed suicide. Betty (wife of Ambassador Mel Sembler) was Jeb Bush's finance co-chairman and in return he joined the advisory board of Straight under its current name Drug Free America Foundation. (He afffectionally calls Betty Ms. Ambassadorable.)

On Monday, January 5, 2009, Florida Governor Charlie Crist inducted Betty into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame for her work at Straight, Inc. and for her service on the board of the Florida Governor’s Mansion Foundation. Betty's son Brent, who is vice chairman of the Sembler Company, was Finance Co-Chairman for the campaign of state Senator Charlie Crist. He also served on committees for the election of Charlie Crist for Florida Education Commissioner, for Crist's bid for Florida’s Attorney General and for Crist's gubernatorial campaign. It was son Brent who inspired Mel and Betty to found Straight when, as a teenager, they placed him in The Seed (Straight's predecessor) which was accussed by the US Senate of brainwashing kids. There is even speculation that Charlie Crist was in The Seed with Brent.

Another inductee was Louise Courtelis, wife of former Straight board member-at-large Alec. P. Courtlelis. In all, Crist selected three women for induction, the third was Florida state senator Gwen Margolis. It is not known whether she is the mother of Joy Margolis, the former public information officer for Straight, Inc.

Crist made his selection from a list of 10 submitted to him by the Florida Commission on the Status of Women. Brent Sembler's wife Debbie is a former board member of the commission. Mel, Betty, Brent and Debbie, indeed all of the Semblers, have always given handsomely to the election campaigns of prominent Republican candidates like Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. It's like family patriarch Mel Sembler says, "You pay a little more, you get a little more."

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Franklin Cover-up, Straight and Paul Bishop

by Wes Fager

In all my life there is only one book I've read that had certain parts in it which I could not bring myself to read. That book is The Franklin Cover-up (TFC) by attorney and former Nebraska state Senator John DeCamp. The book is about a pedophile ring operating out of Omaha, Nebraska which has ties to Father Flannigan's Boy's Town and to George H. W. Bush's White House. [It was by reporting on this ring by Rev. Moon's Washington Times that the senior Bush became a loyal Moonie fan.] The first time I ever heard about the 1983 kidnapping of a Des Moines, Iowa paperboy named Johnny Gosch was from TFC. Now I'm hearing about Johnny Gosch again. Except now it's about George W. Bush, a former White House news reporter and Straight, Inc.

According to Tim Schmitt , in Educate-yourself, six months after Johnny Gosch was kidnapped a man named George Paul Bishop (often known just as Paul Bishop) showed up at Doreen Gosch's (Johnny's mother) home claiming he was a "CIA asset" and offered his assistance in finding Johnny. Subsequently Noreen Gosch received many phone calls from Paul Bishop. She claims the calls were coming from Sen. Charles Grassley's (Republican, Iowa) office in Washington, DC. But Paul Bishop suddenly dropped out of Noreen's life in 1985 and his phone number no longer worked. Then George Paul Bishop was arrested in Fairfax, Virginia on Feb. 4, 2005 after police allegedly found an explicit video of a 16 year old boy in his home. George Paul Bishop is now in prison (release date Mar. 3, 2008) and on Virginia's registered sex offender's list.

And now a California woman alleges that the same Paul Bishop was used to locate and retrieve her brother (and possibly several others) back to the destructive, Republican-backed Straight rehab treatment center in Springfield, Virginia. (See Rigorous Intuition.)

The top figure in the photo is from The Johnny Gosch Foundation web page. Noreen Gosch says the photo came from pedophile site no longer on-line. She says it is a photo of her son shortly after his abduction. The bottom figure is of former White House pool reporter James Guckert, an alleged male prostitute with the Secret Service-approved alias Jeff Gannon. According to The Law Party's web page, TFC author John DeCamp has stated, "I believe Johnny Gosch and Jeff Gannon are one and the same person--but I am not in a position to know positively."
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Photographer tied to WH child sex-ring arrested after Thompson suicide by Tom Flocco
INFORMATION REQUEST: If you have any information on a PI named Paul Bishop who was allegedly used by Straight-Springfield to retrieve runaways, please send your information, in confidence, to

Friday, October 13, 2006

Pathway trying to expand

Miller Newton's Kids of North Jersey was the first 2nd generation Straight to open expansion programs. Terri Nissley's Pathway Family Center is the second. Nissley founded Pathway a few miles from Straight-Detroit when that program closed and modeled Pathway after Straight. Later she opened a facility in Indianapolis. Now, just as in Straight, Pathway is claiming 20 -25 percent of the kids enrolled in its Indianapolis program are from Porter County so Pathway is seeking government money to open a center in Chesterton in Porter County, Indiana.

Just as in Straight there are horror stories that shame forever the reputation of children so that the program can grow. This time Julie Brown of Chesterton tells the world that one son was a "former Eagle Scout and a straight-A student", but then he turned to heroin and was sent to jail for selling drugs. Her family found salvation at Pathway but along the way she found another son was addicted to cold packets and he too is in Pathway. But now, she told a reporter, all three of her boys are doing well--implying to this reader that she was perhaps having problems with all three. Ms. Brown tells the reporter, "[Pathway] gave back my family."

Just like in Straight, Pathway has found a sympathertic Republican in Porter County Council member William Carmichael who has suggested using unallocated county income tax funds to build a Pathway faciltiy. And just like at Straight they've got a judge listening. Porter County Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper has stated that, "Pathway is a solid program." She has said she would support using $225,000 in unused funds for Pathway. Those unused funds had been set aside for housing expenses for juveniles ordered to the state correctional system. But county council president Dan Whitten, a Democrat, says he wants more information about Pathway.

Our report is based upon a story from The Chesterton Tribune by VICKI URBANIK. We urge our readers to contact the editor and Vicki Urbanik and tell them about the Straight model.


The Chesterton Tribune email:

Porter County Council
Web page
Indiana AvenueSuite 207
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Telephone: (219) 465-3332

Dan Whitten, President - At large

Jim Burge, Vice President - At large
William Carmichael - At large
Bob Poparad - 1st District
Rita Stevenson - 2nd District
Al Steele - 3rd District
Laura Blaney - 4th District

Circuit Court Judge Mary R. Harper
16 Lincolnway Suite 313
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Telephone: (219) 465-3535Fax: (219) 465-3647

Porter County Commissioners
155 Indiana Avenue Suite 205
Valparaiso, IN 46383
(219) 465-3440(219) 465-3362
North DistrictJohn A. Evans(219) 465-3361
Center DistrictRobert P. Harper(219) 465-3354
South DistrictCarole Knoblock(219) 465-3349

Friday, September 29, 2006

Was a young Charlie Crist ever in a drug rehab?

The Seed was a teen drug rehabilitation chain in Florida in the 1970s. The US Senate accused the program of using North Korean brainwashing methods on American kids. Ambassador Melvin Sembler patterned Straight, Inc. after The Seed. Mel Sembler's son Brent and Charlie Crist are childhood friends. Today Brent Sembler is Charlie Crist's finance chairman. Mel Sembler has disclosed, by deduction, that Brent Sembler was in The Seed. One recruitment method used by The Seed was to get kids already in the program to rat on their friends and siblings to get them in the cult too. Charlie Crist's dad was on The Seed's Advisory Board. Since The Seed and Straight had reputations for abuse and cult-like behavior, most adults associated with these cults (other than program employees) were parents who had a child in the program--parents like Mel Sembler who founded his own Seed-like treatment cult. So we ask the question. If you have any information on whether Florida's gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist was in The Seed, please send your confidential correspondence to

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bradley Martin granted new sentencing trial, Bradbury / Fager may yet get to testify

Bradley Martin was in Straight-Springfield from 1988 - 1990. Today Mr. Martin is on death row in Pennsylvania for the 1993 slaying of a Pennsylvania man. Ray Bradbury (the man who closed Straight) and Wes Fager (editor of thestraights dot com) traveled to Pennsylvania in 2002 in hopes of testifying in Mr. Martin's defense at his appeal. The judge did not allow their testimony then as they had no firsthand knowledge of Bradley Martin. We have been informed by the law firm of ReedSmith that the court has voted to grant a re-sentencing trial. It may be possible for Bradbury and Fager to testify in the new trial. See related story.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Museum event protested for ties to a hate group

2-18-06 . On Saturday Feb. 25, 2006 Protesters picketed the annual awards banquet for the Florida Holocaust Museum for its ties, they say, to sponsors of a hate group (Straight, Inc.). [Photo. Samantha Monroe in a black dress with back to camera passes out fliers at the protest.]

Friday, February 10, 2006

Kids Helping Kids Cincy Protested

A group protested Kids Helping Kids in Cincinnati this morning (Feb. 10, 2006). Beacon Radio, Cincinnati will cover the evening protest on their 3:30PM or 4 PM show. TV WCPO will cover the protest on TV tonight.